So here’s a b&w pic of me with his cock in my mouth. It looks really artistic huh? haha

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Ejaculation Control Training - Sister

Here is a great example of ejaculation control training.   In this the boy is about half way through an intensive 6 month ejaculation control training program.   This training session is being conducted by the boys older sister.    She has applied some penis oil (baby oil) to his erection making it nice and slippery.   Notice the techniques used:  she slips her hand down gently holding his balls while feeling his penis.   She grips and hold his erection in various ways; some gentle, some tight.   Also notice in the second half of the clip how she gently feels and touches his balls and the various ways she grips his penis.  And pay close attention near the end of the clip when he ejaculates, notice how she holds his penis and holds and uses fingertips on his balls.